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How to to run reports in Spire


Running reports is different in Spire compared to BusinessVision.

Where to access reports in Spire
Reports in Spire are accessed via the Printer icon within each module or screen.
As an example, here is the printer icon in the Customers module.


Filters and the Search box
Only the records that are visible on screen will be available to reports. If you have a Filter in place, or have narrowed your selection by typing in the Search box, then only those records that are shown on screen by the Filter or Search box will be available to the report. This is true EVEN IF the report itself is configured to draw upon ALL records; it will nevertheless only have access to the records visible on screen (this includes the records that become visible when you scroll down or up the screen - all of these are available to the report).
For example, if you have filtered the Customer list on screen to only show only Toronto Customers, then only Toronto Customers will be available to the report.
If you wish to report on all records, then you must first remove all Filters and clear the Search box.


Individual record selection
A second level of selection involves records that you have selected on screen. Here is an example of some records having been selected in the Customer module. For what this means when you produce a report, please read on ...


Print Selected vs Print All
Note the small down-arrow beside the Printer icon. It presents the choices of Print Selected or Print All.

  • Print All: all records on the screen will be available to the report
  • Print Selected: only the selected records will be available to the report
    Simply clicking the Printer icon itself is the same as selecting Print Selected


To review...

  • Only the records shown on the screen will be available to the report
  • Print Selected will cause only the selected records to be available to the report
  • Print All will make all records that are visible on the screen available to the report


Standard Spire output selection screen
When you click on the Printer icon or one of the choices of Print Selected or Print All, a box will display which gives you your report choices and output options.

Here is where you select from the available reports and decide whether to print, email, or display the report. You may select more than one report at once. This is the standard Spire output box, and I won't go into more detail here.


File, Run Reports
There is one other option to print reports in Spire, and that is from the menu: File, Run Reports.

This is an alternate way to run reports, in which the report is NOT subject to Filters or the Search box. ALL records are available to the report. This section of Spire is still under development - many reports will soon be made avaulable here.


Report Parameters
Once you start running the report, the report itself may display additional parameters for you to select. Here is an example of a parameter selection screen:

After you fill in the necessary parameters, the report will then be produced.


Differences from BusinessVision
BusinessVision reports are entirely parameter-driven. That is, they only use either the BusinessVision "Tempate" selection boxes, and/or a Crystal Reports parameter selection box.
Spire reports offer much more flexible choices as to what records to make available to the report by means of Filters, the Search box, and individual record selection on screen.

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