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What's new in version 7.2 of BusinessVision

  • Download or view a detailed document showing all the changes and new features (PDF)

The main areas where there are changes

  • System setup and utilities
  • Purchase Order
  • General Ledger
  • Order Entry
  • Inventory

System setup & utilities

  • warning when GL Integration is set to "off"
  • can see which users are logged on

User Details

  • Ability to turn AutoComplete on/off by user
  • configure Custom Reports: Add/Change/Delete custom reports
  • Application background (when no modules are open): can select a specific color or a bitmap, by company, by user
  • cannot login with same user ID simultaneously more than once

Purchase Order

  • Option to update Vendor Specific Pricing from issued PO
  • ability to email POs to Vendors, similar to the options for Customers re Invoices

General Ledger

  • maintain and view essentially unlimited GL History - 99 years.
    • Cannot post to historical years (prior to "Last Year").
    • Will be able to drill down from Sales History, Purchase History
    • Historical GL records to be kept in separate files.
    • Current Last Year, This Year, and Next Year kept as is, no change
  • can import GL Transactions and GL Chart of Accounts
  • GL Search-and-Reverse now in the menu.
  • update and validate segment list as new GL Accts are added
  • integration with FAS 50 Asset Accounting (Cdn version)
  • print posted and unposted journal entries (unposted: when partway through a journal entry, can print what you have entered so far)
  • Print an individual journal entry from any place a specific journal entry is displayed on screen.

Order Entry

  • Ship-Tos can be added to a Customer from Order Entry
  • Credit Hold can be overridden by a Supervisor
  • Added a Required Date for Orders
  • All dates are up at the top of the screen, no longer hidden on a tab
  • Optional prompt if Freight=0
  • Option to convert Quotes to orders using the next available Order #; saves original Quote #
  • Option to turn off Backorder functionality by Inventory item and Customer

The Bill-To / Ship-To issue

  • part of this will be addressed in a service pack prior to v7.2
  • the remainder will be addressed in v7.2
  • I don't have details on what parts will be addressed in each


  • Support for non-physical inventory items (such as labour)
    • no qtys for these
    • use a standard cost
    • can be used in Order Entry, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials
    • once set as a non-physical item can't change it to regular inventory type
    • no weight field
  • multiple units of measure (UOM)
    • is implemented so you can ignore multiple UOM completely if you don't want it
    • 3 fields in inventory screen: Stock UOM, Sell UOM, Buy UOM
    • Qtys displayed in Inventory are based on Stock UOM
    • new tab: UOM
    • conversion factor between Stock and Buy/Sell UOM can be entered either way, similar to multi-currency foreign exchange rates
    • allows fractional qtys
    • UPC codes are now attached to the UOM.
    • this gives rise to an interesting use of the multiple UOM feature - the ability to have multiple UPC codes for an item
    • receipts: choice of UOM
    • Separate price list & qty breaks for each UOM. Will use default price list with conversion factor applied if no prices specified.
    • this gives rise to another interesting use of UOM: possibly unlimited price lists
    • in Order Entry: Sell UOM field added
    • CSP: added pricing per UOM
    • implemented in Purchase Order and POS as well
    • Bill of Material: current conversion factor field is kept, so no big change will be required in BOM
  • Added a Lead Time field

Release Date for v7.2

  • Not in 2007. Will be in 1st half of 2008


  • There will be a file conversion
  • Crystal Reports will require a Database Verify
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