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WILDWOOD CANADA Add-on Applications - a partial list

Spire and BusinessVision don't allow you to make many "under the hood" changes to your database. Here is a partial list of some utilities that aid in making changes to your database, such as restructuring GL accounts, inventory, etc.
There are many more utilities available, but in many cases they were created to address a specific client need, and so would need tweaking for a different client.
EFT Payments for BusinessVision and Spire - Pay vendors electronically via EFT
BusinessVision Workbook import - easily import data into the Workbook from Excel, which is impossible within the BusinessVision interface, and difficult to do otherwise

Spire Consolidation - consolidate two or more Spire companies in order to print financial statements for the consolidated entity

Spire Inventory Code Merge - merge two Inventory Part #s together

Spire Extend GL Accounts - if your GL Account structure has too few digits and you want to extend it use this utility to add one or more zeroes to the end of all GL Accounts everywhere in the system. For example, to change a 4-digit account number into 5-digits and esnure all GL Account numbers everywhere in the system end up valid.

Spire Division Utility - add/change/modify GL Divisions

BusinessVision Interrupted Yearend fixup tool - if your BusinessVision yearend process was interrupted and you don't have a backup, this tool will save you

BusinessVision Payroll Yearend fixup tool - if you performed your payroll yearend too early or too late, this will fix it

Spire Financial Statements - closely resembling those of an earlier software

Custom programming, application development, and BusinessVision/Spire database fix-up services are available.


  • Dashboards and Monitoring
  • EDI - both extracting information from BusinessVision and Spire, or writing data back in
  • Advanced reporting
  • Webstore interfaces (read orders from your webstore, write them into Sales Order)
  • Advanced data cleaning, importing, exporting
  • Processes to enhance BusinessVision and Spire
  • Combine multiple BusinessVision or Spire companies into one report
  • Much more
For more information about any of the above, please contact Wildwood Canada
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