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What's new in version 2014 (7.7) of BusinessVision

An Overview List of new features


  • General Ledger: Future GL periods may now be locked (in addition to prior GL Periods). This helps prevent accidental postings into "Next Year", for example.
  • Accounts Receivable: When making a payment in AR the Reference is now included in the GL entry.
  • Customers: The GL entry may now be viewed from the "SO History" tab.
  • Vendors: There is now a switch to enable/disable printing of cheques for each Vendor. This is to allow for Vendors that are paid via EFT or other situations where a cheque is not printed.
  • Order Entry:
    • A default Salesperson may be set for each BV User
    • A switch can be set to force entry of a salesperson for every order
    • Batch Billing: added Required Date From-To
    • Inventory Lookup while in Order Entry now displays more information
  • Purchase Order:
    • A default shipping address can be set for all new POs
    • When posting to A/P from PO there is now a field for Terms
  • Payroll:
    • There is now a new permission to restrict a BV user to seeing only the Employee's address info
    • Direct Deposit statements may now be emailed (NOTE: if your direct deposit pay advice form has been modified in a prior version, it MUST be re-modified for v2014)
  • Point of Sale:
    • Line Item Discounts have been moved back to the main data entry field area
    • Added the option to view either the BV user's logon date or the the current system date
  • Inventory: Added the ability to default new items for a specific Product Code to a particular Sales Dept.
  • Invoice and PO Viewer: When viewing a posted invoice or a Closed PO, you now have the option to print the form. Yes, the Print button has always been there, but if the Customer/Vendor was set to receive their forms by email, when you clicked on the Print button the form would be emailed to the Customer/Vendor, not printed. If you wanted a printed copy for yourself, it involved a number of steps to obtain.
  • Sales Analysis now includes the Customer No.
  • Find Utility: When searching Vendor Specific Prices a button has been added to View the Inventory item
  • Various bugs have been fixed

What's new in version 7.71A (Service Pack 1) of BusinessVision

An Overview List of new features (released April 2014)

  • General Ledger: Transaction posted from A/R and A/P will now include the Reference # from those modules
  • Accounts Payable: Any transaction may now be voided, except those created in Purchase Order
  • Payroll: Payroll timecards can now be imported
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