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How to resync the On Order, Back Order and Committed Quantities in Inventory

Sometimes, due to system problems such as network interruption or an over-busy network, the On Order, back Order, and Committed quantities in Inventory will get out of sync compared to the values that are actually in Order Entry and Purchase Order. Here is how to bring them back into sync.

The numbers being referred to are these:


To adjust these numbers one must do a Reorganize of the Inventory file. All users must be out of BusinessVision for you to be able to access this item. As well you must of course have rights to access it within BusinessVision.
From the menu, select File, Reorganize Files.


Select Inventory from the list of modules on the left side. In the big box on the right side check the box beside Recalculate On Order/Committed quantities.


Then click the Reorganize icon to start the process.


After a confirmation to proceed, you will shortly receive notification that the process has completed. It usually doesn't take more than a few seconds, unless you have a large number of Sales Orders or Purchase Orders in your system.

Still not fixed?
If after doing this the numbers are still not making sense, you may have what are called "orphan records" in either Sales Order or Purchase Order. These are detail line item records in the files that are not attached to any header record. These occur when a Sales Order is invoiced or a Purchase Order is closed and not all the detail lines are removed during the process.
To get rid of these is a simple process, but unfortunately not for the average BusinessVision user! Technical knowledge of SQL language is required for this. Please enlist the help of Wildwood Canada if you have this issue.

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